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Accommodate Canberra can maximise your rental property’s appeal to business travellers

Business travel in Australia is getting back to normal. Canberra, as one of the main destinations for business travel, benefits from the increased demand for quality short-term accommodation.

If you are an owner of an investment property in Canberra, then Accommodate Canberra’s professional property managers can work with you to maximise the appeal of your property to business travellers.

Accommodate Canberra has 30 year’s experience in the Canberra short-term luxury property market and can take the guesswork out of managing and marketing your investment property to the seasoned business traveller.

So, what are the benefits of working with a professional short-term property manager from Accommodate Canberra?

First, Accommodate Canberra would like to share with you how they set up your rental property to maximise attractiveness to business travellers. Second, outline the broader benefits of using a professional short-term property manager.

Professional and experienced in the Canberra property market

Accommodate Canberra’s short-term property managers know the Canberra market and have been successfully managing and marketing their client’s property investments to business travellers for over 30 years.

As a destination for business travellers, Canberra is a unique market. As a planned city and the home to the Parliament of Australia and most Australian Government Departments, Accommodate Canberra understands that Canberra has a unique set of accommodation requirements for the seasoned business traveller.

Providing luxury five-star short-term business accommodation

Before your rental property in Canberra is marketed to potential short-term business travellers, Accommodate Canberra will make sure that your property has everything to create the perfect stay for business guests.

This includes everything from appropriate office furniture, technology, Wi-Fi and, of course, good coffee and coffee-making facilities.

A five-star experience that provides a home away from home

Business travellers are looking for modern, clean accommodation with quality appliances and bedding and top branded toiletries – that are close to cafes and restaurants, exercise facilities and entertainment.

Marketing your investment property as suitable for business travellers

Accommodate Canberra has years of experience in marketing their client’s
investment properties to business travellers to Canberra.

If you would rather leave the management and marketing of your investment property in Canberra to the short-term property management professionals at Accommodate Canberra, then make an appointment for a discussion here.

There are also many other benefits of partnering with a short-term property manager from Accommodate Canberra, such as those below.

Look after property maintenance

It’s likely your rental property in Canberra is not your main employment, and having Accommodate Canberra take care of the maintenance and ensure your investment is looked after will leave you free to concentrate on your employment and work towards that next investment property.

Laws and regulations

Accommodate Canberra are on top of Canberra and national property laws and regulations and work to ensure their clients and their properties comply with the law and take advantage of changes in the property industry.

This is one less stress that Accommodate Canberra can take off the shoulders of property investors in Canberra.

Peace of mind for property investors not living in Canberra

Accommodate Canberra are the local experts with years of experience in managing short-term property rentals to attract business travellers to Canberra.

If you have either moved from Canberra and still have an investment property there or reside in another state and would like to invest in Canberra, having Accommodate Canberra manage your short-term property rental will give you peace of mind that it is in good hands without having to make unnecessary trips to and from Canberra.

To summarise, the team at Accommodate Canberra are skilled professionals who specialise in assisting clients in Canberra who are looking to attract short-term business travellers. They ensure that their clients' accommodations exceed the expectations of potential guests and are presented and marketed effectively to maximise their client's property investments.