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Our guests at Accommodate Canberra include corporate clients, Defence personnel, salespeople, medical officers and Allied Health, members of the Australian government and those just needing a home away from home.

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12 reasons why short stay apartments are great

Travelling for work is not always as glamorous as it sounds. You miss out on precious time with family and friends, as well as the creature comforts of home and just being able to relax in your own space.

The accommodation you select while you’re away is an integral part of your health and well-being. This is why short-term apartments are becoming a popular choice with frequent travellers.

Short-term apartments offer many features other types of accommodation, like a traditional hotel can’t. The main benefits of staying in a short-term apartment on your next trip include:

1.  Potential to self-cater

One of the challenges of regular travel is an inconsistent diet. We all know the health benefits of a fresh, varied diet. However, this is often hard to achieve when we are on the road and our food choices are limited. However, if your accommodation has a kitchen and provision to prepare food, this is a great opportunity to prepare some of your own meals to control your diet (and your travel budget). Most short-term apartments will have a supermarket or convenience store within walking distance so you can source fresh food to eat before or after work, or even prepare a packed lunch to take with you. This gives you more control over healthy food choices, especially if you are based in one location for a period of time.

2.  Weekly servicing and quality linen

Property managers and landlords are aware of the importance guests place on a clean, well-serviced apartment. Most go to great lengths to ensure their properties meet this standard. They know if their property falls below the mark in this area it will be reflected in their guests’ ratings, and ultimately their occupancy rates. High quality linen is a sound investment for many landlords, as it lasts longer, and ensures that guests are comfortable. Everyone likes a good night’s sleep thanks to clean, crisp sheets and a great pillow!

3.  Privacy and convenience

Short-term rental properties are usually in a great location that is close to restaurants, shops and public transport. The property is often an apartment, which is part of an apartment complex and offers security and privacy for occupants. Most buildings will need a swipe fob to enter the building, carpark, and common areas such as gym and pool, which is reassuring for guests who are unfamiliar with a city or suburb. There are usually a limitednumber of apartments per floor and security cameras, which offer guests further reassurance.

4.  Quality apartment complexes with modern amenities

The other advantage of staying in an apartment complex is that they often have modern facilities such as a gym or pool for guests to utilise. These facilities are a great way to unwind after a busy day of work, and possibly a luxury you would forgo at home due to other commitments. Exercising in a gym is a good option if it is dark outside or you don’t feel comfortable walking/running through an unfamiliar area.

5.  Centrally located

Investors know that centrally located properties achieve the best return, so they often offerthese as short-term rental properties (instead of long-term rentals) to maximise their return. This is great news for guests who like to be in close proximity to businesses and government departments, as well as shops, restaurants, bars and other attractions, such asthe War Memorial or NGA.

6.  Multiple locations

When you book your accommodation through a specialised serviced apartment company, such as Accommodate Canberra, you have the flexibility of sourcing similar accommodation in different locations. This is advantageous if you are returning for multiple work trips and need to visit different clients/businesses or departments. You can specify your requirements when booking and Accommodate Canberra will do their best to source the most suitable accommodation for your needs.

7.  Make yourself at home

An apartment is more akin to a home, in comparison to a traditional hotel room. Many apartments have a fully functioning kitchen with other perks, such as a coffee machine in addition to the standard kettle with tea and instant coffee. Unlike a hotel room, an apartment often has more than one room – giving you the space to stretch out and get comfortable. There may also be a designated workspace, such as a desk with charging station, etc. so you don’t have to sit on your bed to work in the evening.

8.  Work or play with Wi-Fi in your apartment

Accommodate Canberra recognises the importance of being fully connected during your stay. Wi-Fi is standard in most apartments so you can continue to work in the evening, or surf the web in your downtime after a long day.

9.  Free parking

Another short-term apartment perk is the car park that guests can utilise free-of charge. This gives guests the added option of driving to Canberra (especially if they are Sydney-based), saving money on airfares and providing them with transport when they are here. Parking is often located in the building, so it’s convenient, secure, and your car is protected from the elements.

10.  Apartments are ideal for long or short-term stays

Although Canberra has peak and off-peak seasons, there is usually flexibility on how long you can book a short-stay apartment for – there are no long term contracts to adhere to with Accommodate Canberra properties. Stay for a couple of days or a couple of weeks – most landlords are flexible and longer stays may even incur a tailored rate.

11.  Ability to accommodate a volume of guests

If you need to travel with colleagues, short-term apartments are ideal for accommodating multiple people, whilst providing each guest with their own privacy and space. Some multiple bedroom apartments will often have more than one bathroom and a separate living space, so guests won’t disturb each other. Staying together is advantageous so you can travel to and from the office together, or continue to work after you have left the office.

12.  Dedicated 24/7 support

Accommodate Canberra is a professional short-term apartment property management team who are on hand 24/7 for any support you need throughout your stay. You can rest-assured if you require any assistance during your visit, there is someone on-call to assist. This offers guests peace of mind and allows them to focus on the purpose of their trip.

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