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What is Accommodate Canberra

Accommodate Canberra is the successful integration of a seasoned property management company and an accommodation supplier identifying the need for exclusive, luxurious, yet affordable accommodation in Canberra.

Accommodate Canberra manages a portfolio of apartments on behalf of our current investors. The apartments range from one, two and three bedroom apartments to penthouse residences. All apartments are in central, desired locations be it commercial or social precincts and we offer luxuriously appointed and fully furnished, elegant, serviced executive apartment accommodation in Canberra’s most prestigious and sought after residential complexes.

Canberra Accommodation Property Management

Property investment advantages for short term executive rentals

There are many options when it comes to investing in property. There are different types of properties to invest in (such as a house or an apartment) and there is also more than one way to make money from your investment. 

Before you default to a long-term rental option for your investment property, consider the benefits of a short-term executive rental strategy. There are so many compelling reasons to own a short-term executive rental, especially in Canberra. 

Here are some of the top benefits for owners and potential investors to consider:

     1.  Higher yields for apartments
Every investor wants to earn as much money as possible from their investment. Whilst a long-term rental can offer regular income, the nightly rental rate for a short-term rental is higher and can be a profitable option if the occupancy rate is consistent. An experienced property management company, such as Accommodate Canberra, will have good knowledge of key inner city locations, including: Braddon, New Acton, Reid, Canberra City, Turner, Barton, Kingston, Kingston Foreshore, Griffith, and Manuka. The priceless market knowledge of a property manager will guide you to what businesses and/or government departments are in the proximity to your property, so you can target your ideal guests. Your property manager will also be aware of the peak and off-peak seasons, so you can forecast and plan for your expected occupancy rates.

     2.  Quality occupants
As the name implies, an “executive” rental property is targeted at corporate professionals, in the public or private sector. Whilst these occupants have high expectations for a clean, well-serviced property, they are usually low-maintenance guests. If they are travelling for work, throwing wild parties in your apartment is not high on their agenda. If they are working long hours, they will probably only use the apartment after work to relax and sleep. They might not even use the kitchen, as many will dine out for convenience. This limited use on the apartment will also result in less wear and tear to the property.

     3.  Less wear and tear on the property
Unlike a long-term tenant, who will use a property every day of their tenancy period, there will be times when your short-stay apartment is not rented, or your guests will spend limited time in the apartment due to work commitments. This limited use will result in less wear and tear on your property, which will hopefully save you money in the long-run as you won’t have to replace appliances such as the oven or dishwasher, repaint, or replace flooring as frequently.

     4.  Ability to use yourself
Canberra is a fantastic destination for a mini-break. The beauty of owning a short-term investment in another location is that you can book out specific dates and utilise it for your own holiday purposes. Canberra has an abundance of diverse activities throughout the year, as well as four distinct seasons, which means there is always something to do, see, eat, and experience. A short-term rental property would also be an appealing investment for parents who have children studying in Canberra. This type of investment would provide them with the opportunity to take a break and regularly catch up with their children.

     5.  Flexible stay duration
Your property manager will be able to advise the peak and off-peak times for short-term accommodation in specific areas in Canberra. Armed with this information, investors can tweak their minimum stay duration. For example, during peak periods you could impose a minimum booking requirement, such as two or three nights. However, during quiet periods you could adjust that to single night bookings. Short-term rental allows you to be flexible and respond to market demand.

     6.  Dedicated property management
A specialist short-term rental property management company, such as Accommodate Canberra offers investors complete peace of mind across the entire process of renting your property. Your property manager will understand the type of guest you want to attract, manage the check-in/check-out process, as well as payment and cleaning services. This inclusive service will save you priceless time and money, as you won’t have to independently organise bookings, cleaning and other property maintenance. You will also benefit from your property manager’s market knowledge of how to best present your property to attract the right type of guest. Accommodate Canberra property managers are proactive and will be able to offer advice on how to furnish your property, as well as what features are essential, and what you can omit to save money.

     7.  Tax benefits
Every savvy investor is looking for ways to cut down their tax bill. There are standard tax deductions associated with every investment property, but short-term rental properties benefit from a higher asset depreciation rate on items such as furniture. Your accountant or financial advisor will be able to offer more insight on the specifics this applies to, but there are tax benefits to be gained, so it is important to keep concise records of your property-related expenditure.

Depending on your circumstances, short-term executive rental could be an excellent strategy for your property, and one definitely worth exploring before you default to a long-term rental option. Accommodate Canberra can offer more specific advice based on the size and location of your property, so be sure to engage with the team and make an informed decision. 


Accommodate Canberra is proud to offer the following information for your consideration. Take your time in reviewing the documentation and please contact us by email at or by phone at 02 6295 9430 to arrange a time to meet and discuss your investment in greater detail.

We are proud members of the Canberra community and look forward to working with you to secure your investment's future.

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