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Why engage a local short-term rental property manager?

Once you have purchased your Canberra based short-term rental property, the next big decision you need to make is whether you will manage it yourself or partner with a trusted local short-term rental property management service, like Accommodate Canberra.

Accommodate Canberra is Canberra’s most experienced and trusted local short-term rental property company and manages a portfolio of more than 70 apartments on behalf of their current investors.

This article will outline the difference between a long-term rental property manager and a short-term rental property manager – and ten reasons why you should partner with a local short-term rental property manager from Accommodate Canberra.

The difference between long-term property managers and short-term rental property managers from Accommodate Canberra:

1. Length of rentals

Short-term rentals are ideal for work stays and holiday accommodation as they are typically in use for a couple of days, whereas long-term rentals are leased for six months to years.

2. Time required to manage the rental property

Short-term property rentals are more labour intensive because things are done more frequently, including:

  • · Billing and contracting 
  • · Cleaning
  • · Marketing 
  • · Laundry
  • · Communicating with guests, and 
  • · Property maintenance

3. Location and condition of the rental property

Short-term rentals, such as those in Canberra managed locally by Accommodate Canberra, are usually located in tourist areas, or close to town centres. There is also an expectation that the amenities will be of a higher standard than long-term rentals.

Long-term rentals are usually located in more suburban areas with a lower expectation of their condition.

Why would you choose to work with a local short-term rental property manager from Accommodate Canberra rather than a self-managed online app or large national property manager?

The main reason is that Accommodate Canberra’s local short-term property managers know Canberra. They are professional and have experience, expertise and insight into the Canberra property market that would take you years to amass.

The Canberra community is unique amongst Australia’s capital cities. Employment is split between the public and private sectors and if you want to work with, or speak to, the Australian Federal Government, you must come to Canberra.

Add to this the fact that, with a population of just over 430,000, Canberra boasts five universities and almost all the foreign embassies in Australia, meaning that it is a top spot for travel to visit such institutions.

Not to mention that visitors to Australia’s capital can make the most of their trip by visiting Australia’s national cultural institutions, such as the Australian War Memorial and the National Gallery of Australia, you will need to visit Canberra.

A local short-term property manager from Accommodate Canberra lives in Canberra and is invested in you, your property, and the local Canberra community.


Ten reasons to engage a local short-term rental property manager from Accommodate Canberra to manage your Canberra short-term rental property:

  • 1. Being local, Accommodate Canberra’s property managers have better relationships with tradespeople, gardeners and contractors in Canberra, than larger property managers that are based interstate or online.
  • 2. As Accommodate Canberra specialises in the Canberra short-term rental market, they have more time for you and the management of your short-term rental property.
  • 3. Having in depth local knowledge of the Canberra property market, Accommodate Canberra’s property managers can target your property to meet the demographics of its location.
  • 4. Accommodate Canberra has reliable, local intelligence on the Canberra property market, such as who is buying and selling.
  • 5. Being local short-term rental property manager from Accommodate Canberra will have more regular eyes on your short-term rental than a national manager based interstate.
  • 6. Rental inspections and any maintenance can be undertaken more regularly with a local property manager from Accommodate Canberra.
  • 7. Accommodate Canberra has the rental data to make sure your short-term rental property is competitively priced in the market so that you minimize vacancy periods.
  • 8. Being based in Canberra, and comprising actual physical people, Accommodate Canberra’s property managers will have better relationships with your tenants and keep on top of issues, such as maintenance and ensure rental payments are made.
  • 9. Accommodate Canberra’s local knowledge will make the difference between your property being tenanted and maximizing rental income and it being empty and overpriced.
  • 10. Being local means your short-term rental property manager from Accommodate Canberra will be close by in a crisis …
  • There are many costs involved in purchasing your short-term rental property and the last thing you want are unwanted additional costs – but engaging a professional, local, Canberra short-term rental property manager could save you a lot of time and money.

    When you engage a local short-term rental property manager from Accommodate Canberra to manage your Canberra property, you will also have access to up-to-date knowledge on industry best practice, technology and systems to manage your investment property.
    Accommodate Canberra can also give property investors advice about the right level of styling and furnishings for your Canberra short-term rental property, to attract the right level of tenant and guests.
    So now that you are aware of the benefits of engaging a professional short-term rental property manager, why not contact Canberra’s most experienced short-term rental property managers at Accommodate Canberra and start a relationship that will benefit you on your property journey.