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Tips to make your short-term lease in Canberra more appealing

Accommodate Canberra is the premier provider and manager of luxury short term lease properties in Canberra.

In this article, we would like to share our years of experience in increasing the appeal of rental properties in Canberra and creating better experiences for their guests.

A short-term rental property in Canberra can be a good investment, but it can become a better investment if you put the time and effort into making your guest's stay more enjoyable and become return guests and raving fans.

Below is a list of tips Accommodate Canberra have compiled from years of experience as short-term property managers in Canberra.

Improve guest experience
This sounds obvious but is actually more complicated than it initially seems. A good ‘guest experience’ is made from the first point of contact to the last point of contact and then follow-up and ongoing communication.

One way to achieve this is to anticipate the needs and possible questions your guests will want before they are asked. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential guests and walk through the whole experience:

  • · searching for a property
  • · booking the property
  • · getting the keys and arriving at the property
  • · using the facilities and sleeping in the bed
  • · Travelling to and from the property 
  • · Leaving the property
  • · Completing surveys and follow up

Make notes for every step of the process, including questions and answers. These can be provided to potential guests at each stage of their experience when booking and staying in your rental property in Canberra.

· Leave a welcome note – this is lovely to personalise your communication, especially if you can include something specific to your guest. 

The team at Accommodate Canberra can work with you when managing your short-term lease in Canberra to implement the best possible strategy to improve the guest experience for your guests. 

Of course, once your luxury short term rental is let, the property needs to live up to the marketing promise.

At Accommodate Canberra, we like to implement the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle. 

Below is a list of a few easy things you can do to make your property more appealing to guests:

1. Smells good and is clean
Nothing is worse than your guests opening the door and being hit with darkness, dust and a musty closed-up smell. So, ensure that your furnished apartment in Canberra is opened when being cleaned to allow fresh air in and that it is well-dusted. Opening the curtains before arrival can also be more welcoming than entering a dark room. 

2. Modern appliances
If you are trying to provide a home-away-from-home experience, don’t skimp on appliances. Make sure that your appliances are modern, clean and working.

3. Chefs kitchen
A slick modern kitchen with great cupboards and countertops will add a massive amount of appeal to your short-term rental. So, think about the following:
· Good knives
· Decent cutlery
· No chipped cups or plates
· Good sink 

4. Bathroom bliss
Bathrooms need to be functional, i.e. a working toilet, somewhere to wash your hands, shave, brush your teeth and apply makeup. But they are also a place to unwind with a hot shower or bath at the end of the day. So, keep your bathroom:
· Updated
· Clear of mould and grime
· In good repair
· Decent soaps and shampoos

5. Walls, blinds and curtains

· Walls
There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and walls to refresh and brighten a property. Keep the ceilings white and the walls an open neutral light colour. Ensure you keep the walls clean and include them in the cleaning schedule. Nothing is worse than marks on the walls and ceiling for a new guest.

· Blinds and curtains
When it comes to blinds and curtains, blockout blinds are a good idea if you are in a central area or somewhere surrounded by light at night. If you are going for a modern look, you might have retractable blinds rather than curtains. If you are going for curtains, choose light and neutral and make sure they are routinely cleaned and free of mould.

The Accommodate Canberra team hopes you find these tips useful for your furnished apartment in Canberra. Please contact us here if you would like to discuss Accommodate Canberra managing your rental.