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Six benefits of serviced apartments for short-term stays in Canberra

We all love staying in an expensive hotel for a couple of days or a week when we are on holidays. Living out of a suitcase and ordering room service can be different and exciting for a short period, but if you are constantly travelling for work, it can be unsettling and put unnecessary stress in your life.

The Canberra short-stay market is significant given the fly-in-fly-out nature of the significant number of visitors to the nation’s capital. Whether you are a politician, staffer, public servant, consultant or an academic, you may find yourself doing a significant amount of travel to Canberra.

The professional team of short-term property managers at Accommodate Canberra have 30 years of experience in the Canberra property market and would like to share their experience as to the benefits of choosing furnished apartments and serviced apartments for your short-term stays in Canberra.

Furnished apartments in Canberra are more like a home than a hotel

The furnished apartments managed by Accommodate Canberra are bigger than a hotel room and can have more than one bedroom and a separate kitchen and sitting room. Unlike a hotel, our serviced apartments have all the furniture and appliances that you would find in a home. 

Enough room for family or friends

Unlike a hotel, you can have family, friends, or colleagues stay with you in your short-term luxury rental through Accommodate Canberra and not bump into each other or have someone sleeping on a pull-out in the middle of the room.

Experience your location like a Canberra local  

When you travel to Canberra and stay in a serviced apartment, you are more likely to be in a residential area than a hotel surrounded by commercial offices. This way, you get to experience Canberra as a local rather than a blow-in.

A space of your own

Accommodate Canberra’s experienced team of short-term property managers also frequently get feedback that serviced apartments can provide more privacy than a hotel. They can also save on temporary office space or have to share joint business facilities some hotels provide.

Serviced apartments are better for the environment

A recent study in the US found that serviced apartments produced around 50 percent fewer carbon emissions than hotel rooms. And there is no reason to expect this to be any different in Canberra. The reason is that hotels have a lot of common areas that require air-conditioning and lighting 24 hours a day. They also have incredible amounts of laundry.

Longer stays can mean less travel

Also, visitors using serviced apartments book longer periods in one stay than most hotel stays, and this can reduce the need for frequent flights or road trips to Canberra. It, of course, has a compounding benefit to the environment if this is combined with staying in a serviced apartment in Canberra.

So, when next booking your accommodation in Canberra, why not get in contact with the experienced team at Accommodate Canberra.

Below are some of the many serviced apartments that are managed by Accommodate Canberra you may wish to book for your next travel to Canberra.

Metropol 233

Metropol 233

2 bedrooms (max 4 people) | 1.5 bathrooms | 2 secure car spaces

Based in the established inner Canberra City suburb of Reid, this newly built split-level two-bedroom apartment has it all. It’s two minutes walk to Canberra’s city centre, close to all the Australian national attractions and Australian Government Departments.

Accommodate Canberra can also discuss long-term rates for stays over 28 days.

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The Prince 207

The Prince 207

2 bedroom (max 4 people) | 2 bathrooms | 2 car spaces

This executive standard apartment is located on Kingston Foreshore. It is modern and brand new. Right near the cafes and restaurants of Kingston and within walking distance to the Canberra Glass Works, Australian Government Departments and Australia’s national institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia and the National Portrait Gallery.

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Greenwich 110

Greenwich 110

3 bedrooms (max 5 people) | 2 bathrooms | 1 car space

A spacious three-bedroom apartment in the established inner-city suburb of Campbell. It is open plan and full of natural light that will let in warmth in the cooler months. This apartment is great for either work or leisure and is close to many Australian Government Departments.

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