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Is your short-term rental attractive to business travellers?

Business travellers, who travel to Canberra on a regular basis, have high expectations of the standard of their short-term rental accommodation. 

With a large part of their life being spent travelling from one destination to the next, packing and unpacking, working and networking, business travellers want a seamless experience when they do put their feet down, even if it’s only for a brief time. 

Most people think business travel is glamorous, and it’s certainly not the worst job in the world but living away from your loved ones for long periods of time and constantly moving from one Australian city to the next can be exhausting and lonely.

The Canberra political, bureaucratic, and diplomatic scene can also be incredibly demanding for the business traveller, involving long hours and multiple meetings across the parliamentary triangle—when they finally get back to their Canberra short-term accommodation, they expect a seamless, trouble-free, home-away-from-home, luxury experience.

So, what can you do to ensure your Canberra short-term rental meets and exceeds the rising expectations of the modern business traveller?

These tips are based on Accommodate Canberra’s 30 years of experience providing and managing, short-term luxury accommodation in Canberra.

1. Provide a luxury experience

Many business travellers to Canberra are used to staying in 5-star accommodation. If your short-term rental is going to compete with this, you will need to provide a similar level of amenities – with the benefits of a home-away-from-home experience. This could include:

  • · High-end toiletries
  • · Top-quality bedding
  • · Washing machine, tumble drier, iron and ironing board
  • · Housekeeping service

2. Personalisation

Many business travellers to Canberra can become frequent guests of your short-term accommodation. Therefore, you can use data collected from past bookings to personalise the experience of these guests. This can include:

  • · Use of services
  • · Previous requests

3. Fast reliable internet

  • Don’t skimp on this in your short-term rental accommodation in Canberra. Business travellers are now just as concerned about available workspaces and fast reliable internet, as they are with traditional amenities in short-term term business accommodation.

4. Provide a space for business travellers to work

In addition to fast and reliable internet, your Canberra short-term accommodation could include:

  • · a printer
  • · monitor
  • · sufficient power outlets
  • · charging station
  • · ergonomic office chair and desk

5. The Internet of Things (IoT)

Basically, IoT covers all things that can be controlled by sending and receiving data through internet connectivity. These devices are becoming common in households and business travellers will expect the same in your short-term accommodation in Canberra. Examples of this can include:

  • · Seamless check-ins
  • · Automatic payments
  • · Smartphone access to your property
  • 6. Offer deals to business travellers

    Reward loyalty from frequent business travellers to Canberra that stay in your short-term rental. This doesn’t have to be discounting the price of your accommodation. It could include:

  • · Priority booking
  • · Dining vouchers
  • · Dedicated contact for business clients

7. Ask for reviews from business travellers

Reward loyalty from frequent business travellers to Canberra that stay in your short-term rental. This doesn’t have to be discounting the price of your accommodation. It could include:

Business travellers will listen to the recommendations of other business travellers. You might like to build into your processes a short survey after each stay and ask for a short review. This will give you the opportunity to share your positive reviews on your website and through social media.

Of course, undertaking all these things yourself for your short-term property investment to be more attractive to business travellers to Canberra could be incredibly time-consuming and costly if you get it wrong.

Another option would be to partner with Canberra’s most trusted and experienced provider and manager of luxury short-term accommodation, Accommodate Canberra.

Accommodate Canberra can advise you of the best locations to invest in short-term property rentals in Canberra and how to market your property investment to business travellers.
Accommodate Canberra’s experienced and trusted staff would love to discuss how they can assist you in attracting business travellers to your short-term rental property.