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Get 5-star reviews for your Canberra short-term rental

The splintering of traditional media (print, television, and radio), word of mouth, referrals, and client reviews, especially on social media, can mean the success or failure of your short-term Canberra rental.

So, what can you do to maximise the power of guest reviews for your short-term rental in Canberra?

The primary thing you can do is to engage a trusted, experienced, professional and local short-term property manager to manage your Canberra investment property to ensure you receive 5-star reviews.

Accommodate Canberra has been serving the Canberra community for 30 years and is the premier local real estate agency providing investment advice and management services in the luxury short-term rental market.

This content of this article is drawn from the vast experience of Accommodate Canberra in managing and marketing short-term rentals in Canberra.

Practical things you can do to improve your chances of receiving 5-star reviews of your short-term property rental

1. Ask for reviews

The main reason businesses don’t get reviews is that they don’t ask for them. Contact your guests promptly after their stay and ask for feedback. Follow up your email request if you don’t get a response after a couple of days.

2. Don’t ignore negative guest reviews

The way you respond to negative guest reviews can be valuable to your reputation and drive more business to your short-term rental.

The best advice in responding to negative comments is to accept blame, apologise, and outline what you have learnt from the feedback and how you will do things differently going forward.

3. Interact with your guests

If the guests who stay in your Canberra short-term rental take the time to give you a good review, then it is in your interest to continue a relationship with them.

You could offer an incentive for them to return or a lower rate if they refer a guest.

If you have created a ‘raving fan’ then do what you can to support them to grow your client base and become a repeat customer.

4. Use social media channels to communicate and third-party websites

In addition to email, communicate with your guests through social media channels. For example, if they use Facebook, communicate with them through Facebook Messenger and invite them to leave a positive review on your business Facebook page.

5. Encourage reviews on listing sites

Encourage your guests to leave reviews on listing sites. The more reviews you get the better you will rate on these sites. Make it easy for your guests. Provide them with links to the sites and clear instructions on how to post.

Of course, all this hard work to encourage guests to write reviews of your short-term rental in Canberra will be for nothing if they have had bad experiences and most of your reviews are negative.

If the management of a short-term rental apartment sounds like it would be time-consuming and better left to a professional, then you could partner with an experienced short-term property manager from Accommodate Canberra to manage your apartment in Canberra.

Make an appointment today to discuss how Accommodate Canberra can manage your short-term rental apartment in Canberra to maximise returns from your property investment and improve the experience of your guests.