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Your Canberra short term rental can benefit from professional cleaning services

One of the most important aspects of owning a Canberra short-term rental is keeping it clean. Not only do you have to clean it before your guests arrive, but after they leave as well.

This can be extremely time-consuming and inefficient if you decide to take on this task yourself. A far better option is to engage with a specialist short-term rental property management company, such as Accommodate Canberra. Accommodate Canberra manages the entire process of renting the property, from attracting guests to professional cleaning services.

The experienced short-term property managers at Accommodate Canberra believe there are many benefits of engaging professional cleaning services, including:

Saving you time and money

Your time is money, and you should probably be spending it at your money-making job rather than on your hands and knees scrubbing your rental property’s bathroom floor. Cleaning is also hard work and can take the wear and tear on your body. 

You are also probably not a cleaning professional. Engaging a short-term property manager will ensure that your property is cleaned by a professional and looks its best for every rental.

Minimise liabilities and potential hazards

Professional cleaners will not only clean away the dust and dirt, but they will also be able to spot other potential hazards such as electrical faults, slip hazards and chipped and broken crockery and glasses.

This sort of attention to detail can save you a lot of money on expensive repairs and the loss of future bookings from bad reviews.

Providing a neat and clean room

This should probably be the only reason for engaging a professional cleaning service for your short-term rental.

No one wants to stay in a dirty, smelly, dusty short-term rental. They especially don’t want stained sheets and greasy curtains. And it is very frustrating for customers to discover your property has faulty appliances such as toasters or kettles. 

Engaging a short term property manager providing professional cleaning services can ensure you have peace of mind that your investment property is being looked after.

Get great reviews for your rental property

Taking pride in the cleanliness of your short-term rental is not only about your commitment to neatness and attention to detail. Cleanliness and attention to detail will be noticed by visitors.

In addition to the approval of your attention to detail and cleanliness, your clean short-term rental will get you great reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, which means more frequent bookings and more profit from your investment.

In conclusion

There are many benefits to engaging a professional short-term rental cleaner for your rental property. These include ensuring your investment is maintained and kept in good repair. This will save you money in the long term and prevent costly repair and damage.

If you want to talk to Accommodate Canberra about working with our professional short-term property managers to ensure your investment property is well-maintained, and cleaned, then contact us here.