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Essential Canberra Accomodation for essential travel in 2020

Essential Canberra Accomodation for essential travel in 2020

Our “new normal” for the foreseeable future, will be navigating life around COVID-19. For many, work continues, as does essential travel. The risk of exposure to the virus can be limited by alternative choices, such as not catching public transport and driving to your destination, as well as carefully choosing accommodation that limits exposure to other people. This could mean ditching the crowded hotel and opting for an alternative, such as an Accommodate Canberra serviced apartment. Here are some other reasons why a serviced apartment is a safe, comfortable solution for your next essential work trip: 

1. Flexible space

Hotel rooms are great for one person, or a couple who are used to living together. However, things can get uncomfortable if work colleagues have to share a confined space for any length of time – especially if they are working together all day. Everyone needs their own space, at least 1.5 meters at the moment, according to the Australian Government Health Department,  and most standard hotel rooms only have one TV, one bathroom and one desk. Living in this restricted manner can swiftly result in feelings of “cabin fever”. It is impossible to relax if the TV is blaring, or you can hear your colleague talking loudly on their mobile phone. Let’s not even mention bathroom etiquette or sleep habits! Extended hotel room stays are not conducive to happy work relationships.

Many serviced apartments have multiple bedrooms (often with an ensuite, as well as a main bathroom) and a separate living space. This is ideal for business colleagues travelling together, as everyone has their own bedroom/space they can retire to at the end of a long day. There is the option of spending time together in the common living space to talk, watch TV, or even share a meal. However, everyone can still adhere to their own routine, going to bed whenever they like without being disturbed by light and noise. The additional space and bathrooms also assist with social distancing and reduce the risk of work colleagues passing anything on to each other.  

2. Convenient services and facilities

Most hotel rooms in Australia will have tea and coffee facilities (and a small kitchenette if you are lucky). However, a full kitchen is a standard feature in a serviced apartment. A kitchen is invaluable if you are travelling for any length of time. The challenge in the current climate is many cafes and restaurants will be closing or will be restricted over the coming weeks due to COVID19 containment. You can responsibly limit your exposure to other people by preparing your own meals in the comfort of your apartment. 

From March 23 Gymnasiums will be closed. Maintaining your exercise routine is important when you travel, and Canberra has an abundance of parks and green space to walk and run around. The 5km loop around Lake Burley Griffin is flat and scenic with a refreshing breeze from Lake. There’s nothing more invigorating than doing your exercise outside in the sunshine and fresh air, and where you can easily stay away from others.

Most serviced apartments offer a parking space, which is ideal for guests driving to their destination. However, many serviced apartment buildings are also centrally located, and it is possible to walk to your destination so you can avoid public transport and maintain physical  distancing.  

3. Privacy and safety

Many short stay apartments have simple entrances. Whilst some have a concierge, they are a picture of tranquillity compared to your average hotel lobby. Because serviced apartments are located in residential buildings, residents briefly pass through the foyer on their way to and from work (unless they are currently working from home). They will also leave and return to the building at staggered times. Chances are it will feel like you have the place to yourself when you come and go from your serviced apartment building.

Distance from other residents is paramount at present with the impact of COVID-19 on our communities. With directives for social distancing and self-isolation, serviced apartments are a quieter alternative to hotels with hundreds of people coming through their doors every day, including guests as well as the housekeeping and hospitality staff. Many people being forced to self-isolate are also considering hotels as a source of accommodation if it is too difficult to self-isolate at home because of other vulnerable family members or housemates. The quieter serviced apartment option is looking more attractive every day!   

4. Choose a location to suit your needs

The surroundings of your location are important, especially for extended visits. Many hotels - whilst centrally located to shops, dining, transport, and Canberra’s Government departments - are surrounded by a cityscape of commercial buildings and roads. However, many serviced apartments are located in equally convenient locations with an advantage – they are often set back slightly from the main road, or are part of a complex which protects residents from road noise, etc. Because serviced apartments are located in residential buildings, they are also often located near parks or other green spaces, which are lovely for guests to enjoy walking or running around in their downtime.

Apartments are built with residents in mind, so developers are mindful their buyers don’t want to overlook a busy road or constantly hear road noise. These considerations determine the orientation of the building, and where balconies and windows are situated. Many hotels are often not as carefully designed. If the hotel is older, often the area or nearby road has become busier over time, or has been widened to accommodate increased traffic. Perhaps the “buzz” of the area was exciting when the hotel was built, but now it’s plain stressful! For guests only staying a night or two, this may be a bearable compromise for the “great location”, but not sustainable over a longer period. Staying out of these super busy areas with lots of people is also important at the moment.  

5. Affordable price options

If you are still not convinced of the benefits of a serviced apartment over a hotel room, let the money do the talking. Compare the cost of booking two hotel rooms vs.  renting a 2-bed serviced apartment in Canberra and you will likely be pleasantly surprised - especially when you add in extras such as Wi-Fi and complimentary parking (included in the serviced apartment option).

It is always worth considering other options – especially when it comes to accommodation in Canberra, as guests are spoilt for choice with the number of serviced apartments on offer. If you are booking accommodation on behalf of colleagues travelling to Canberra, an Accommodate serviced apartment in a quieter building, slightly removed from the centre of Canberra is a sensible option and complies with social-distancing. We understand keeping your workforce safe is your top priority, and utilising serviced apartment accommodation will help keep your business travellers comfortable and healthy.   


Accommodate Canberra have implemented best practice cleaning for all our apartments. We are closely monitoring Health Department advice and responding accordingly.


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