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Christmas decorations and your rental property

Christmas, or the holiday period, is a great time for all Australians to come together, enjoy some time off, and spend time with family and loved ones.

Many people return to Canberra to visit family and friends or to visit their children who are studying at one of Canberra’s five universities:

  • · Canberra University
  • · Australian National University
  • · Australian Catholic University
  • · University of New South Wales at ADFA
  • · Charles Sturt University

When they return, they either stay with family or friends or in rented accommodations such as luxury short-term rentals managed by Accommodate Canberra.

Accommodate Canberra is Canberra’s most trusted and experienced provider of luxury short-term accommodation in the Nation’s Capital.

So, what can you do to make your short-term investment rental property appropriately decorated for Christmas?

The trusted team at Accommodate Canberra style many of the luxury short-term rentals they manage for investors. They would like to share some of their ideas for this Christmas.

And, of course, you need to source your Christmas decorations.

Before you start, you need to decide what style you will go with. Do you like a more traditional Christmas theme that is based on winter and snow, and cold? Or would you prefer a summer theme that aligns with the Australian climate at Christmas?

It is also good to remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas. So if you're unsure who is staying at your accommodation, consider staying away from religion-based decorations.

Below are some tips from Accommodate Canberra specialist short-term rental managers on how to style your rental property this Christmas.


Christmas tree

A large traditional Christmas tree takes up a lot of space and can create a mess if they are a dead pine tree. Not to worry, we have a few options that are neater and more compact options; these include:

  • · A wall tree made of Christmas lights, crepe paper, etc.
  • · Decorate an existing potted house plant with a star on top and hang decorations off it.
  • · Create a tree out of:
    • · Cardboard,
    • · Shells,
    • · Dried flowers, or
    • · Sticks.


Remember to keep your Christmas tree decorations simple and in keeping with the design of your apartment. You want the Christmas tree to stay in your interior design.


Christmas wreath

You can purchase or make a Christmas wreath to hang on your front door. It is best to go for a wreath with neutral tones, not one covered in red, gold, and green tinsel.

A traditional Christmas wreath is made out of holly, but you could make a modern wreath out of:

  • · Dried flowers,
  • · Sticks,
  • · Local foliage,
  • · Wire, or
  • · Ribbon.


You could also hang the wreath over the following:

  • · Back of stools in the kitchen,
  • · Window frames, or
  • · Outside.


Christmas Decorations

Use decorations sparingly and make or purchase good-quality ones. These could include table decorations and Christmas artwork. Also, ensure that your Christmas decorations can be packed away efficiently for future generations. Adding small decorations will make your short-term rental property feel homely and in the spirit of Christmas.

Guest gift

A small, inexpensive Christmas gift can add that special touch to your short-term rental turning your guests into repeat clients and raving fans. 

This could include:

  • · Frozen fruit ice cubes,
  • · Chocolates,
  • · Christmas biscuits,
  • · Christmas cards,
  • · Complimentary Christmas decorations,
  • · Bubble bath, and
  • · Olive oil.


Finally, you will need to source your decorations from a Christmas shop in the Canberra region. Below is a list of options:

  • · Under the Mistletoe – The physical store is at Gold Creek, and there is an extensive range of items in their online store.
  • · Totally Country – For something different, head to this store at Gold Creek, where you can find things like a reindeer dressed in a tartan kilt!
  • · Old Bus Depot Markets – The OBDM will hold its Super Christmas Weekend on 8 – 9 December. This would be a great place to look for unique and handcrafted decorations for your rental property.
  • · Bredbo Christmas Barn – About 50 minutes from Canberra but well worth the drive, is Australia’s largest collection of Christmas decorations. Make the trip—you will not be disappointed.


If you are an Accommodate Canberra client and this article sparks some inspiration, get in touch with us about Christmas-ifying your property today. Our team will make your guests' Christmas experience a memorable and homely one.  If you are considering becoming a new client of ours, you can expect this service from our professional short-term rental property managers from Accommodate Canberra

Have a great Christmas 2022, everyone! Contact us if you think you would benefit from having your property managed by a professional short-term property manager from Accommodate Canberra, then contact us here