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Canberra’s best serviced apartments for family travellers

When travelling to Canberra with the family, consider booking a serviced apartment, through Accommodate Canberra, for your stay.

Accommodate Canberra is one of Canberra’s most trusted property managers and would like you to consider the benefits of serviced apartments when travelling with a family to the Nation’s Capital.

First, let’s outline the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel.


A hotel usually has many bedrooms and bathrooms, whereas you usually have a partial kitchen, laundry, separate kitchen or lounge room.

Hotels have a lot of common areas, such as foyers, lifts, corridors, eating areas, gardens, and exercise spaces.

Hotels provide external services such as food and beverages, washing, business centres and communal gyms, pools and spas.

In most hotels, the guests live out of their suitcases for short periods.

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are more like family homes. They are accommodations where you can cook, wash, work, live, relax and sleep.

You have space to put your clothes away as you would in your own home and room for your children to spread out and entertain themselves.

If you are a family looking for short-term accommodation in Canberra and to save when travelling, a serviced apartment is our recommendation. Typically, they are larger than a hotel room and have a kitchen and laundry—allowing you to cook your meals and do your washing and drying.

A selection of excellent Accommodate Canberra, family-friendly, serviced apartments

Metropolitan 70
From $4,316 weekly

Metropolitan 70 (3) - Accommodate Canberra

This is a very family-friendly 3-bedroom apartment that is a home-away-from-home for you and your family.

Equipped with two bathrooms and car parks, separate dining, a full kitchen, washing and drying facilities, a bath and great free Wi-Fi.

The six-person accommodation is a 13-minute walk from central Canberra, and close to many cafes, restaurants, attraction like the lake, parks, and entertainment. For more information, head to this link.

Griffith 155
From $3,590 weekly

Griffin 155 - Accommodate Canberra

Fashionably located in the heart of Kingston, this three-bedroom apartment would be great for your next family visit to Canberra.

Only a short walk from the cafes and restaurants of Kingston and trendy Kingston Foreshore.

Sleeping up to five people, this great family-friendly apartment has two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, a washing machine and dryer, and two car spots.

It is close to the lake, parks, tennis court, great cycle paths, and play equipment for the kids.

Go to accommodate Canberra to check availability and book.

Greenwich 110
From $3,590 weekly

Greenwich 110 - Accommodate Canberra
Your family will be impressed with this impressive apartment in the heart of Campbell, close to the Australian War Memorial and ANZAC Parade.

Your home away from home has three bedrooms and sleeps five. It has a fully equipped kitchen and laundry and great Wi-Fi.

It has ducted air conditioning and heating—essential for making your family’s stay as pleasant as possible in Canberra.

You will be near the lake and Mount Ainslie and close to green spaces, shops, cafes and services.

For availability and booking, visit Accommodate Canberra today.

Many more family-friendly serviced apartments managed by Accommodate Canberra are available to book for your next family holiday to Canberra.

Visit Accommodate Canberra’s website or speak directly to one of their professional and friendly team.